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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 5, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. reports of government spying at an unprecedented level. >> millions of phone records turned over to the fbi and the national security agency, but is it still going on tonight? good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. abc7 news reporter alan wang joins us with the latest on this developing story. alan? >> the last thing the obama administration needs is another scandal hanging over its head. this one could be the biggest yet. the top secret corridor calls for the records of the customers.
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"the guardian" calls for rizon to hand over customer information on a daily basis from early last april until this july 19th. the fbi and the national security agency are tracking the numbers foretell phone calls in and outside the u.s. they are also documenting telephone calling card numbers and the time and duration of those calls. but the court order does not call for them to monitor actual conversations or gather names and addresses. the likely explanation is the protection of national security. the legal director of the frontier fndation believes this crosses the line. >> i don't think the law authorizes this. section 215 of the patriot act does not say it is okay to spy on the entire country in case a couple of people happen to be something illegal. there is nothing in the patriot act that authorizes the surveillance. >> they are doing it for my protection. it doesn't feel right for you
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to dive into my life. >> freedom comes at a cost, but not the invasion of my own personal privacy when i am not doing anything other than talking to people. >> the administration disclosed it had a similar collection of data, but this is the first time obama has continued to practice on a major scale. it is also unclear that there are more court orders out there for other phone companies to turnover their customer data. the white house, the fbi and the nsa had no comment on this tonight. but it comes on the eve of attorney general eric holder's appearance on a senate committee. it is likely holder will be asked about this top secret court order tomorrow morning. we could find out more at that time. reporting live in the newsroom, alan wang, abc7 news. >> to doubt he will be asked. rescuers pulled the woman from a collapsed building in philadelphia more than 12 hours after a building just caved in.
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people applauded as the 61-year-old woman was rushed to the hospital. she was pulled from under the rubble about two hours ago now. she was alert and talking with her rescuers, butritil. crews found six victims, but they also found 14 survivors and will continue searching through the night. the rescue tonight did give them a needed boost. >> they were digging in the area where they were locating other individuals and that's how they came across -- >> after a long day how does it feel to find somebody alive? >> it feels outstanding to pull somebody out alive. >> the building was being demolished when it fell on a salvation army thrift shop. >> costco is doing what it can to locate people who bought a specific type of fruit. it lead to a hepititis a outbreak. and now they are calling people who purchased the product.
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leslie brinkley is live in the north bay where one such customer is very worried. leslie? >> reporter: that's right. it seems as though costco is tracking down customers who bought the berries that are linked to 49 cases of hepititis a so far. three confirmed cases in the bay area and one unconfirmed case of a woman who bought the berries at this costco store in novato. she says she was eating them five days a week. >> i am scared to death. i know how horrible i have been feeling. >> reporter: she says she has all of the symptoms of hepititis. for two months she has been blending the berries into smoothers to combat a weakened immune system because of chemo. >> they would have bought them from another party, maybe small businesses, juice places, restaurants, all of the restaurants, anybody who makes and sells smoothers. smoothies have passed this down the road.
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>> reporter: this 22-year-old consumed the berries and was hospitalized for two days with a hepititis a infection. >> i initially thought it was just the flu. >> her mother ate the same berries. word has gotten out that it has gotten to annie hard. >> she got calls from costco and the cdc on monday night. they called her to come in and get tested. >> costco was very apologetic tonight and i understand why. they probably are told by their legal department to be apologetic. >> she will go to a local lab for a hepititis test on tuesday. leslie brinkley, abc7 news. tonight crews have the upper hand on the fire burning in lake county. at least 30 acres have burned in the clear lake park area.
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the lake county news took these pictures this afternoon we are going to show you. people could see the smoke for miles around. the flames moved quickly uphill and came close to homes. firefighters had it fully contained. the good news isno one was hurt. >> conditions are ripe for rip currents at beaches like the one in santa cruz. meteorologist sandhya patel is here now live with a look at live doppler 7hd. sandhya? >> and live doppler 7hd, you will notice that we are dealing with the usual. the low clouds and the fog along the coast and even in over parts of the bay right now, but the biggest concern is the risk for a strong rip current and south facing beaches and large shore breaks. late tonight and late friday night it covers the santa cruz beaches. the southly swell is developing so the bridges and the boardwalk are looking at that risk of strong rip currents. be careful out there.
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as you see a live picture the boardwalk, waves are pretty low. i just checked out the reports and there is about 11 to 13 seconds as far as the periods are concerned, but we are expecting that to increase as the night goes on and we are heading into tomorrow with hot weather coming you might be tempted to head to the beach. a word of caution and i will be back to tell you how hot in a few minutes. >> thanks very much. tonight a story we first broke is getting a lot of attention especially from the california highway patrol. their report on the deadly limo fire last month on the san mateo bridge has not been released, but we are about to show you what their investigation found caused the tragedy. news reporter vic lee with a story you will see only on abc7 news. >> reporter: five women died when they were engulfed in flames inside the limo. this cell phone video shows the fire started in the rear of the stretch limo. chp investigators have been
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examine the charred wreck at this towing lot in redwood city. they learned the air springs in the limo ruptured setting off a domino affect that lead to the fire. he owns royal auto repair, a business that services limos. he explained the sequence of events. >> these are air springs, not even air shocks. they are air springs. they carry the weight of the car. when one has a rupture on it, the whole car drops down to basically on all of the tires. >> that explains why witnesses say the back of the lincoln towncar was extremely low to the ground while it was moving across the bridge. >> when the car drops down this part of the drive line will be hitting on this spot right here. that would create a friction and winds up with a lot of heat. >> that night it did carry a heavier load than usual. there were nine you a one more than the permit
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allows. >> it would be jumping like a horse and with a load it would be bottoming out. in this case it was bottoming down. the gas tank is right therement it bounced down too hard and hit the gas tank which is right in this spot here and might have hit the gas tank and when it hit the ground it creates a spark. 24r is a spark and a fuel and it catches fire. >> and now that the chp has figured out what caused the fire the criminal investigation continues and that will involve the d.a.'s office. they will want to know if there was any criminal negligence involved in the maintenance of the limo. >> abc7 news contacted crash survivors and families of the victims for reaction. none of them understandably was ready to talk. most told us their attorneys advised them against it. >> police have not decided if
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they will seek charges against a father who crashed his car killing his wife and three-year-old child. ly lost control of the car in fremont. some witnesses say he was traveling close to a hundred miles an hour. the car slammed into a tree and ripped in half. the child was thrown from the car and killed despite being in his carseat. when emergency responders arrived, his wife was still buckled into her seat in the other half of the car some 20 feet away. she died today. gilbert gill is still in the hospital tonight. san bruno city officials are asking to look into why several lawyers abruptly quit the investigation into pg&e. several lawyers who were working on the penalties pg&e would face for the 2010 pipeline explosion are no longer on the case. the puc claims the lawyers asked to be reassigned. they face a two and a quarter billion dollar penalty.
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the utility has called that amount excessive. well, up next. medical -- up next, medical marijuana for sick pets. is it good for pain relief or just bad medicine? >> and a girl desperate for a lung transplant and the decision that could save her life. >> and the no parking signs are already up. are already up. what t [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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returning to the bay area tomorrow for several events. first he will attend a fundraising reception at a private home in palo alto, and then a dinner in pour -- portolo valley. then he will give a speech on alth care. ama is live where an elite group is preparing for an elite event. >> reporter: yes, dan. it is quite quiet, but come tomorrow it will be busy with activity as the president attends the fundraiser in this home. no parking signs line forest avenue in palo alto ahead of president obama's thursday fundraiser at the home of the co-founder of flip board. it is one of two fundraising stops for the president and it has neighbors excited. >> i am delighted he is coming to town. and i can't speak for all of us, but my daughter and the
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rest of our family voted for president obama twice and we are thrilled he is here on our street. >> i heard he came to atherton and i thought that was pretty cool. and then it is crazy it is right here out of all of the places in palo alto. >> the president was in atherton in april for a pair of fundraisers. events that the bill for the extra services. >> we had to block off the streets and expenned funds as well as provide extra security detail et-cetera from the police. >> it cost about $8,000. invoices have been sent out to try to get reimbursed. >> one was to the white house and one was to the secret service and one was to the democratic national committee. and then understanding that perhaps we weren't going to get response from washington we broke the invoice up in half and sent one to the residents. >> he said it is a drop in the bucket to the millions being raised. these palo alto residents are not concerned about what it is costing the city. >> as long as it is helping the city.
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>> it is president obama and he is such an iconic figure. i think it is really cool. >> ama dates, abc7 news. >> here is a closer look at the hosts of tomorrow's event. he graduated from stanford and was one of the co-founders of sun microsystems. in 2004 he formed his own venture capital firm that focuses on clean technology. mike mccue founded paper software and tell me networks and sold them all for millions. mccue recently founded flip board that was named an ipad app of the year. a judge's ruling could mean the difference between life and death for a 10-year-old girl. today a federal judge in philadelphia ruled that she can seek the donor lungs from the transparent list. she was ineligible because it said children under 12 must wait for pediatric lungs. he granted the temporary request because of the severity of her condition. a hearing is scheduled for june 14th. a southern california
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veterinarian wants to take medical marijuana one step further and legalize it for pets. the vet currently recommends pot to ease the pain or increase the appetite of ailing animals. dr. doug kramer says he has a special way to administer marijuana to pets that is effective and not dangerous. other vets warn that pot could be dangerous for a pet's circulatory and digestive system. there is no legislation in the works for this. we are on the verge of a warm up. >> sandhya patel is here with live doppler 7hd. >> dan and carolyn, we will see increases in our temperatures starting tomorrow, and it will really get hot inland on friday and is saturday. live doppler 7hd is watching low clouds and fog not just near the coast, but over the bay. oakland, santa rosa, hayward, you are all foggy. i am keeping an eye on the bowies right now. the closest i can find to santa cruz where we are going to see the highest risk of rip currents late tonight and friday night.
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they are these here near the monterey bay. we are expecting them to be about 20 to 2020 seconds -- 20 to 22 seconds. it will pack a lot of energy when you have that much time in between each wave. we will be watching that carefully for you once again risk of strong rip currents. you are looking toward the ferry building and san francisco 53 and oakland at 55. it is currently 57 in san jose. if you look from the emeryville camera, also overcast skies. this is what the morning is going to look like. santa rosa 53 right now. it is 56 in fairfield and los gatos, 57 degrees and from the high definition rooftop camera, you can see visibility is just fine. fog and low clouds in the morning and the warmer day tomorrow. hot inland for your friday and saturday with the increased risk of fire danger during that time period. the summer-like heat is expected on friday and saturday with the lower humidity. no red flag warnings posted by
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the national weather service just yet. you will see how hot it will get. livermore's temperature trend, 88 tomorrow and mid-nineties friday, saturday and then a sharp cooling trend for the second half of your weekend heading into early next week. i do want to alert you to a tropical storm, the first tropical storm of the atlantic hurricane season. it is andrea and it is just formed. it is packing winds of 45 miles per hour and gusts to 50 miles an hour. it is dumping some pretty heavy rains here right along the gulf coast of florida. the coastline under a tropical storm warning. if you have business or travel plans or pleasure be aware of the fact that there could be some potential delays heading into the next 24-48 hours as they will likely continue to see heavy rainfall there. morning lows in the 50s, pockets of fog and otherwise cloudy and cool. you will need the jacket or sweater first thing in the morning. in the afternoon, sunny in the south bay and 79 in sunnyvale. 83 on the peninsula, palo alto, mid70s.
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you were in the upper 50s today. that's a little improvement. 65 downtown san francisco. in the north bay, 78 in santa rosa and 81 in napa. head out toward the east bay. 72 oakland, hayward, inland areas it is going to get warm. 85 in concord and 90 in antioch. but not as hot as it is going to get on friday. that's what we are expecting and saturday near 100 degrees inland. upper 60s on friday at the coast and mid60s on saturday. dropping a lot on sunday. the second half of the weekend a sharp drop off and much cooler next week dan and carolyn. >> thank you very much. let's get a check on baseball now. >> larry -- larry beil is here and one of the most frustrating pitchers in baseball. >> ra dickey won the cy young and the mets saw him at his best this afternoon. knuckle this flailing away in frustration time after time ♪
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little leaguers can throw 60 miles an hour so how can ra dickey throw against major leaguers? the dinger has come in. the game was score less and barry zito with a little help. full extension, the right choice. in the fifth, the baseball cliche, a pitcher helping his own cause. ra dickey, the butcher boy play. r.b.i double and 1-0 bluejays. do rosa finally healthy and two-out and 4-0 toronto. zito losing for the first time at home since last august. dickey 8 and a third score less. look out. he lost his bat with one of five strikeout victims. want to talk about a victim?
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ouch. the bluejays blank the giants 4-0 the final. the a's wrapping up a series in milwaukee. colon goes seven innings and then issued the quote of the year saying i am still fat, but that don't mean nothing. he had no comment on the latest steroid story. josh donaldson is making his case for the allstar team. here it comes and there it goes. brandon moss, his 9th of the year and 6-1 athletics. they have won 16 of the last 19 games. the spurs and the heat will square off in game one of the nba finals tomorrow night. the last time the spurs were in the finals, the year was 2007 against lebron james and his cleveland cavaliers. the spurs swept the cavs. james says he is like 50 times stronger than he was in 07. he still has the bitter taste of defeat in his mouth. >> beat us on our home floor and celebrating on our home floor. i won't forget that. you should never forget that as a competitor.
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it is the same group of guys for the most part, the same big three and coach pop. i look forward to the challenge once again. >> game one is tomorrow night here on abc7. the pre game starts at 5:30 and the tipoff is just after 6:00 p.m. and then join us for after the game. our special guest will be warriors forward harrison barnes. he is on the right. we want your questions for harrison. i just thought i would be clear. tweet me. if we are good we will use them on the air. passing to bergeron. it is 2-1 to the bruins and it is a exanding 3-0 -- it is a commanding 3-0 series lead. brought to you by river rock casino. >> it will be a good game tomorrow. >> it will be a fun series. >> thanks, larry. instant celebrity, instant millionaire. >> the woman who won the >> the woman who won the massive p look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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wake up weather. we are looking at a risk of rip currts which are pretty much all of the santa cruz beaches. fog and low clouds and the cool temperatures first thing in the morning. mainly 50s. eventually to the 60s. mike niko will be here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks. the winner of the $590 million powerball jackpot has come forward after two weeks. >> take a look. this is 84-year-old gloria mckenzie leaving the lottery headarters in florida. she chose the lump sum pout meaning she will get $371 million before taxes. >> she says someone was nice enough to let her step ahead in line to purchase the quick pick ticket. she continues to live at the small duplex. i don't think she will be there too long. >> no,


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